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 Bus Standards Policy & Planning Steering Committee

The Bus Standards Policy & Planning Steering Committee membership consists of appointed general managers (or designee) and business members who represent the bus industry and are key stakeholders in its successful operation.

Under the governance of the Standards Development Oversight Council (SDOC), the Bus Standards Policy and Planning Committee performs the following functions: ​

  • sets the broad policy to be followed by the Rail Transit Standards Technical Advisory Group;
  • approves the advisory group’s annual budget
  • approves major changes to the budget (if required)
  • approves the advisory group’s priorities
  • appoints the advisory group’s chair and vice chair
  • appoints a steering committee representative to the advisory group
  • and authorizes implementation of documents approved by the advisory group.​


On an annual basis, the committee holds one face-to-face meeting at the Bus Roadeo and Paratransit Conference in addition to monthly web meetings (as needed) where bus manufacturers, Transit agencies, Bus operators and maintenance employees can discuss challenges facing the industry. 


Membership of the Bus Standards Policy & Planning Committee is by appointment only. 

​Working Groups

Please note that access to each working group site is restricted to working group members.​ To join a working group contact Jeff Hiott at (202) 496-4881, or Eugene Reed at (202) 496-4827,









​ ​​


 Committee Contacts



Dottie L. Watkins
telephone (512) 389-7439

Staff Advisor

Lisa Jerram
telephone (202) 496-4853

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