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 Workforce Development Committee

Committee Overview

The Workforce Development Committee and its subcommittees provide a forum which promotes leadership, innovation, collaboration, and information sharing among public transportation professionals at all levels. Committee members identify specialized programs and services in the areas of talent acquisition and development, labor and employee relations, and education and career awareness to build the support that is needed to make the transit industry successful. The Committee works to assist its members with their roles as effective change agents and strategic business leaders within APTA's member organizations. The committee make-up represents a wide diversity of APTA members, expertise, interests and successes. 

The committee structure includes three subcommittees; Organizational Development, Labor and Employee Relations, and Education and Career Awareness. In collaboration with our members, industry experts and industry partners, the Workforce Development committee and subcommittees sponsor workshops, professional development programs, webinars (online seminars), and special events at APTA's conferences and throughout the year.

Committee Bylaws​

Committee Objectives 

The objectives of the Committee shall be defined in an Action Plan to be adopted each year to guide the Committee’s activities for that year. The Committee will: 
  1. Provide thought leadership, vision and direction in the industry’s workforce development arena; 
  2. Promote and develop workforce development programs, processes and practices to support the industry; 
  3. Advocate to ensure that workforce development strategic partners maintain their seat at the table and that workforce needs are recognized and addressed in the strategic planning process within APTA, in organizations and in the industry; 
  4. Identify and share industry best practices and innovative approaches; 
  5. Support and promote research that quantifies the return on investment of workforce development initiatives; 
  6. Foster awareness of the benefits of diversity and its critical link to business success. Promote diversity and inclusion within all functions of the industry; 
  7. Conduct activities to eliminate barriers to the full participation of minorities and females in the industry and within APTA; 
  8. Provide a range of platforms and promotional opportunities to keep the industry current of workforce related programs, resources, and issues; 
  9. Support, promote, and provide resources that address leadership, management, supervisory and technical skills to help the industry identify and direct operational and workforce development needs within their organizations; 

Subcommittee Overview 

APTA's Organizational Development subcommittee addresses the broad sets of needs and challenges facing our industry. Highlights include: 
  • Drive the dialogue on future workforce needs. Help the industry to anticipate and plan for the future transit workforce. 
  • Align efforts to recruit, retain, train and develop the front line and professional transit workforce and build the skills and knowledge required for the transit workforce of the future. 
  • Share the resources of APTA’s online platforms and access to industry experts that support the national conversations and dialogues on common ground topics 
  • Lead the conversation with other modes and industry partners to ensure a broader perspective and a sharing of strategy, lessons learned and best practices. 
APTA's Labor and Employee Relations subcommittee addresses the challenges and successes to develop healthy and successful working relationships and partnerships with labor unions. The subcommittee works to meet the following strategic objectives: 
  • Serve as one of the transit industry’s primary resource for members to address related labor and employee relations needs, concerns, challenges 
  • Offer high value/high return programs, resources, online platforms and access to industry experts that support national conversations and dialogues on common ground topics 
  • Broaden the tent to welcome other industry representatives to ensure a broad range of labor management issues are being addressed and better understood 
The Education and Career Awareness subcommittee is focused on the role of colleges, universities, trade and technical schools, and specialized institutes in addressing the academic and development needs of the public transportation industry. The subcommittee works to meet the following strategic objectives: 
  • Lead conversations with industry partners, within transit and the broader transportation industry, to ensure the broad range of human resource issues are better understood and addressed 
  • Lead dialogue to forecast future industry needs and workforce development planning in the areas of education; skill building; career pathways; training; and development of students, practitioners, and professional employees 
  • Serve as a resource for gathering and disseminating information on transit workforce training and development programs, methods, and initiatives--with a focus on building the skills and knowledge required of the future transit workforce 
  • Offer workforce development support, programming, online platforms, and access to industry experts
Members are encouraged to contact the subcommittee Chairs, Vice Chairs or APTA staff advisors for further information. 

How We Operate: 

For further information on the governance of the Workforce Development Committee and subcommittees, please consult the staff advisor.

Additional Resources:

Workforce Development page​​​


 Committee Contacts


Committee Chair

Ferdinand L. Risco, Jr.
telephone telephone (502)561-5104

Staff Advisors

Joseph Niegoski (Committee & Labor & Employee Relations Subc.)
telephone (202) 496-4870

Lindsey Robertson
(Committee & Organizational Development Subc.)
telephone (202) 496-4818

Brandon Roccio (Education and Career Awareness Subc.)
telephone (202) 496-4859

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