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American Public Transportation Association

 APTA Awards

An Annual Awards Program Recognizing Excellence in the Public Transportation Industry

Called the “best of the best” of the public transportation industry, the APTA Award winners are outstanding role models of excellence, leadership, and innovation whose accomplishments have greatly advanced public transportation.  

The annual APTA Awards recognize excellence in the public transportation industry in North America.  Nominations can be made by any official employed by an APTA member in good standing.

2019 APTA Awards Nominations are now Open

Please view the following categories for more information on criteria and how to submit a nomination.
The APTA Awards committee will judge potential winners based on the information provided in the nomination. Winning nominations tell a complete story of successful initiatives, leadership, and actions that show the nominee is the “best of the best” in the public transportation industry.

If you are writing a nomination for an individual, it means that the nomination shows how that person’s leadership made a tremendous difference.  It is NOT a listing of jobs.  Instead, the nomination should explain what the person accomplished in the positions he or she held.  In other words, give details on how this individual made a demonstrable difference through their leadership for public transportation. Here is a link​​ to the 2018 winning nomination for the Local Distinguished Service Award which was given to San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts.  

If you are writing a nomination for a public transit system, you have a number of subjects that need to be addressed.  You need to tell your story and give specific details (within the three year period of 2016-2018) on how your transit system demonstrated excellence.  For example, in the section on Safety, don’t just itemize a list of safety programs and leave it at that.  It is extremely important to give supporting evidence that clearly proves that the safety programs were effective and realized positive results.  

Requirements for All Nominations
  • In telling the story of your nominee's achievements, you must include specific facts and statistics.
  • All nominators need to complete the nomination form​ (editable pdf) NOTE: *For the Innovation and Outstanding Public Transportation System Achievement Awards,  the nomination form MUST BE SIGNED by the head of  the transit system.*
  • Up to three additional pages in attachments (i.e., news articles, recommendations, etc.) are allowed for each nomination.
  • Do not include links in your write-up.
  • The nomination should be legible and the font size should be no smaller than 12 point. Make sure you have reasonable margins, so that copy does not go completely to the ends of the page.
  • All nominations should include how the nominee demonstrates APTA’s core values: Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Fairness and Equity, Teamwork, Professionalism, and Accountability.​

Previous Award Winners

View a short video of previous APTA Award Winners

View the PDF's below to learn about the organizations and individuals that have been honored with APTA Awards in recent years.

Hall of Fame

View inductees​ to APTA's Hall of Fame.

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